Latest Tip for WCS DJ's

Why Smart DJs Play More Than One Style Of Music

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It will expand your tastes: There’s a lot of good music being made outside of your comfort zone. Don’t fall into the snobbery trap of thinking only your style or genre is worth your attention. Your audience may publicly admit to only liking RNB or hip-hop, but I can assure you they sing into their hairbrushes to Lady Gaga behind closed doors. Accept that good music comes from all angles and that picking the best of it for your collection, then trying to incorporate it into your DJ sets, will help you to get even the coolest people’s hearts singing and their feet dancing before their heads say “no!” – that is if you do it well.

2. It will expand your skills: Yup, “if you do it well”. It’s easy to feel like the hero mixing Pop all night. It’s an absolute other game, mixing, pop, rock, blues, rnb, oldies, and funk (for instance), into a skillful, coherent set that wows people and keeps them on the dancefloor.

3. You’ll get to DJ out more: I understand that you want to play, but so do your DJing peers, and there are never enough slots. Get out there too soon, and you could ruin your reputation before ever getting started. Hone your craft. Play normal bars, lounges, student hangouts, mobile or wedding gigs. This will prepare you for larger, pro gigs, i.e., National Dance Events.

4. You’ll learn to read crowds better: As I said above, people are a lot less “cool” behind closed doors than they admit to, having all kinds of guilty pleasures in their private musical lives. A good DJ can tease these tendencies out of a crowd, by playing across the board and watching carefully. Uniting a disparate crowd into a single, throbbing mass on the dancefloor takes a lot more DJ interaction and observation, a lot more give and take. It’s more exciting, riskier, and it’ll make you a better DJ

5. You’ll get more longevity as a DJ: Your scene will die, period. I’ve been DJing a little over 10 years and have seen various genres rise and fall. If you don’t move on, you’ll also fade away. Add new music to your palette from all over the place. Sure, one style may dominate, but try to take gigs where you can play “across the board”. It will keep your interest up, challenge you, and extend your career as a DJ.

Current Top 10
• AUGUST 2019 •

Money – Lo Nightly
Feel Like Makin’ Love [Roberta Flack Cover] – Katherine Penfold
Please Don’t Fall In Love – Vincint 115
Humble Beginnings – Bazzi
Something About You Ft. Rudimental – Elderbrook
Tropical Rain – Social House
Freakin’ Me Out – Ava Max
Assassin – Au/Ra
Waste My Time – Grace VanderWaal
Wearin’ U Down – Obrian