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How To Find The Time For DJing

DJing is for many people a hobby, or at best a part-time pursuit. But a great thing about digital is that you can work on your DJing in lots of places. You can practice on your iPad or even your iPhone; you can buy tunes while on the move; and you can rehearse in your headphones on the sofa while the rest of the family watches TV. Using “downtime” to practice DJing is a smart move.

It pays to investigate ways you can access your library anywhere.
iCloud (, Dropbox (, and Amazon Cloud Drive (, for instance, all will let you manage your music library from multiple devices. That way you can work out a system where you can buy music at work, and have it waiting for you on your other devices automatically.

As you progress into DJing and start getting DJ gigs, be aware of the pitfalls of juggling DJing and “real life”: tiredness, loneliness, schedule conflicts, motivation and even uncooperative bosses; all call for pre-planning, organization and sometimes sheer willpower, in order to fit your DJing career and “real life” together. But, I think the rewards are worth it… ,

Current Top 10
• NOVEMBER 2017 •

Naked – James Arthur
Shedontknowbutsheknows – ToveLo
Can’t Live Without Your Love – Jess Campbell
Unsweet – DNCE
Savoir Faire – Beth Ditto
Freeze – Andy Grammer
Flags Ft. Yuna (CeeZeeD) – Shoffy
Love Me (Gamper & Dadoni Remix) Forest Blakk
Smooth – Forever in Your Mind