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How To Create Your Unique DJ Sound

Part of being a successful DJ is creating your unique DJ sound, Anything is possible in the DJ world. For you to have a chance at real success, locally, nationally or internationally, you’ll need to stand out from the rest and create your own unique style.
Many DJs you’ll see and hear when you go out play similar music to each other. There’s not much really wrong with this, as long as they’re making people happy and as long as people are dancing.
But if you want to be better and rise above the average DJ, get real, you need to step up !

Your music selection, the order of your tracks, the style of mixing and the blend should all be in your style or DJ sound. Your style needs to be unique to you. No one else can play in the way you do. DJs may try to copy you, but they’ll never do it, because only you know how to react and surprise people with your unique style. So, this is how we do it!

1. Find rare gems
First up, you need to get busy searching. finding random websites with solo artists, contacting bloggers that few others know of or digging into your own collection. The ideal way of creating your sound is to find the best combination of least known but most catchy and memorable tunes. The kind of tunes that have dancers on the floor staring at you and crowding around to find out what they are.

2. Be a punk
Go against the grain. You’re there so that people can enjoy themselves, but there’s nothing wrong with being a rebel with your DJ style. This doesn’t mean you playing a set for yourself, dancing away in your booth while everyone else looks at you in bewildered silence and disappointment. But it does mean you play against the grain. Drop surprises. Be a bit crazy.

3. Be eclectic
Being eclectic means changing your style. This style of playing reflects a unique DJ sound and you’ll be remembered far better for it. If you’re playing electro, then drop some pop and R&B, just to show people you’ve got gutzbah. Why not be crazy and drop in some old Eric Clapton. Vary within your genre, push the boundaries.
Get to know how to play various styles. As well as creating your own sound, you will get noticed and may even get more gigs as your style can be adapted to any venue, not just single-genre venues.
Practice mixing five different styles and then try it on a night out.

4. Mix old and new tunes
Why you should mix old tunes? Isn’t DJing all about the best new amazing tracks, hot off the block? No it’s not. And you’d be making a mistake thinking it is. Alot of the music you hear today is older music recycled. Loads of what you play right now is based on older tunes, containing samples from other tunes. Certain tracks may simply be direct copies.
When you make a shout back to old tunes people love it.
Likewise, there are a couple of Daft Punk tracks which sample heavily from old soul and funk. When I drop them, people still love it. It goes on..
When a certain style is fashionable, give a shout to old styles that are similar too. New music trends are a rehash of old ones.
Not only does it make people dance, but it shows you have depth. Also, you may have some older party animals in the crowd. They’ll absolutely love you for blasting out tunes of their young days.

Current Top 10
• JUNE 2018 •

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Sugar – Urban Cone Ft Blenda
Almost Love – Sabrina Carpenter
Ring Ring – Jax Jones
Get To Know – Cosmo’s Midnight
Don’t Sleep Ft. French Montana – Chromeo
Stay The Night – Claptone Ft. Tender