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How Do I Remember To Play My Best Tunes Without Rigidly Planning My Set?

I get many questions about organizing music libraries and it’s a good one, because it touches on how much a set should be “planned” and how much should be spontaneous.

Firstly, I recommend you pack a “Bucket”, if you will, for every gig. This means having a playlist where you carefully comb through your collection, moving across songs you’d like to play on the night. You’re aiming for about double the number of tunes here than you’ll actually play. This helps you to focus and gets you thinking in advance about the set structure, the crowd and so on.

This kind of preparation is different to rigidly planning your whole set…
On the night, you’ll find it much easier to play from such a “Bucket’ while at the same time be able to be “spontaneous” in your tune choice, especially if you practice DJing using that folder for the few weeks building up to the set – you’ll start spotting good tunes with transitions you can use. This kind of preparation is different to rigidly planning your whole set, and means you’re unlikely to miss playing any of those “must-play” tunes.

Current Top 10
• FEBRUARY 2019 •

Rock Me Baby – Adi Barar Band
Let’s Shut Up & Dance – Jason Derulo,NCT 127, LAY
Pregnant [CLEAN CeeZeeD®] – Phlake
I Like That Woman – Kenny `Blues Boss` Wayne
Want You Back Ft. Leon – Grey
Acoustic [CLEAN] – Billy Raffoul
Dizzy Talk – Benjamin Rihan
My Name – CHEL
Undrunk [CLEAN CeeZeeD®] – Fletcher
Make Up Your Mind – Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne