Latest Tip for WCS DJ's

Five Steps To Perfect Your DJ Music Library System

1. Only admit to your DJ library the tunes you actually know you’ll want to DJ – and purge it of anything else;

2. Make sure your files contain the metadata that’s important to you – artist, title, any remix titles, year, genre and bpm

3. Know how to sort and filter your files and how to listen to them day-to-day – when you’re not actually DJing or practicing

4. Have a way of choosing a set of possible tunes for any particular gig – and of getting that set of tunes into your DJ software (and on a mobile device, Just in case!)

5. Regularly Back Up – not only your music files but any work done on them with any other software you use (ie; cue points, bpm adjustments, etc)

That’s it.

Current Top 10
• NOVEMBER 2017 •

Naked – James Arthur
Shedontknowbutsheknows – ToveLo
Can’t Live Without Your Love – Jess Campbell
Unsweet – DNCE
Savoir Faire – Beth Ditto
Freeze – Andy Grammer
Flags Ft. Yuna (CeeZeeD) – Shoffy
Love Me (Gamper & Dadoni Remix) Forest Blakk
Smooth – Forever in Your Mind