About Cher

Cher Peadon aka “MsL8nite” is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, USA area.

Cher initially entered the west coast swing world in the late 80s as a competition dancer. A four-time U.S. Open Champion, a Dallas Dance Hall of Fame recipient and a multitude of championship titles from around the country, she retired in 2010.

During her competition days, she was also involved in the music. Observing the best, in her mind, Mario Robau, Jr, she learned how to cut music and from there…off she went.

Cher started doing her DJ workshop three years ago. Her first, held in Dallas, was so successful, she began offering it around the country and as far away as Melbourne, Australia. She has also mentored several DJ’s that are currently DJing on the WCS circuit.

5 years ago Cher began offering DJs from around the world, mentoring sessions. Cher offers vital information on how she goes about choosing competition and social music, the job of a prime time social DJ vs late night social DJ. The whys of Music selections for the various levels of dancers. Setting up playlists for various occasions/regions. If you are interested in hiring Cher to DJ your Event or to do her Music/DJ intensive workshop, please feel free to contact her at MSL8NITE@GMAIL.COM

At events, Cher also opens up the workshop for a Q&A session. You don’t have to be a DJ to take this workshop. Many WCS dancers who have attended have told Cher they thoroughly enjoy her workshop.


* Founder/Director of ACC (Americas Classic Swing Dance Championships) formed in 1991 to 2014. ACC was recognized and considered one of the most prestigious WCS events in the world.

* 2004: Founder of AANCE; Americas Amateur National Championships Events Tour, promoting and preserving the art of West Coast swing dancing and its many regional forms while providing an arena for Novice and Intermediate level dancers to hone their competition skills. To date AANCE consists of 28 events worldwide. Feel free to visit www.AANCE.com for further information.

* 2009: Founder of Global Swing DJs; an Association formed and consisting of DJs from around the world. Our mission: to promote and share Swing music trends with our ever-expanding Swing dance community.

Current Top 10
• JUNE 2019 •

Senorita – Shawn Mendes & Camilla Cabello
You Need To Calm Down – Taylor Swift
Nostalgic – ARIZONA
Never Really Over – Katy Perry
Man Of The Universe – The Teskey Brothers
Mixer – Amber Mark
Look Away – Stephen Puth
Ritual – Tiesto, Jonas Blue, Rita Ora
Get Dat – Rayelle
The Blues Come A Knock’in – Craig King