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3 Simple Steps To Achieving Your DJing Goals

Maybe the most awesome thing about waking up from a great New Year’s Eve DJing or partying is that we’re all given a fresh start. Having had time to fully recover from hopefully an excellent night out, we’d like to ask you: What’s your DJ goal for 2016?
If you still haven’t thought of one, now would be a great time to commit to at least one goal for the year that would take your career further. Maybe you’d want to learn more advanced DJ skills like editing or cutting music for competitions or competitors. Or maybe it’s simply to get your first public DJ set or your first paying gig?
Whatever, set a goal! Here’s how to set your goal and achieve it:

1. Choose a good goal
Make your goals clear, specific, and realistic (“I want to have played three paying gigs by 31 December” is better than “I want to start earning money DJing”). Another great tip is to break it into smaller mini-goals that will serve as your road map for achieving it, and put dates on each mini-goal. As far as realistic goes – well, playing Tomorrowland by Easter probably isn’t in your league, so set something achievable within 12 months. There’s always next year to build on your ambition…

2. Post your goal !
Next, let the world know. By publicly committing to your goal and having it in plain view, you’re more likely to stick to it because you’ve got your community behind you (you might even get some good tips from them. It’s a proven fact that making yourself accountable for your goals means you’re more likely to achieve them.

3. Do the work – and follow up on yourself to see how you’re doing…
You’ve got to do the work once you’ve set the goal, but also hold youtself accountable for your goal! Follow up with your goals in the middle and towards the end of this year by emailing yourself to check in on how you’re doing. It’s like a little bit of personal coaching! Then, at the end of the year, publish an article with some of your year’s success stories!

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